Lion's Wood Mobile Tables: Food and Beverage Directors' choice

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With the increased emphasis on GREEN products, Lion's Head Industries has created a line of mobile banquet tables and accessories that are not only built with recycled products and eliminate many energy costs, but they will also save you thousands of dollars. When talking with Food and Beverage Directors and their needs for their hotels and restaurants, they demanded that these new products be Eco-friendly. We were up for the challenge. We manufacture items that are made with recycled products and our tables are made with wood that is harvested from renewable forests.

We were able to create a table that eliminated linens and tablecloths, reducing the energy expenditure associated with laundering. We even manufacture an outdoor table that is constructed from 100% recycled plastic. The mobile buffet tables feature an easy to break-down and removable leg system that helps save storage room. Our Lion's Wood Mobile Tables are offered in an attractive and easy to maintain distressed brown glaze on Pine, or Mahogany stain on Ash; available in many table sizes and leg heights. Our Lion's Wood leg kits allow you to reach four height variations; 33" Standard, 18" Moroccan style, 30" Dining, and 42" Cocktail/Grazing Height. Each one of our tables is built to allow for easy interchanging of leg kits in just minutes. The links to the left will detail all of these options and explain the benefit of removable legs.

Standard Models

The Lions Wood Mobile Tables are far superior then most standard buffet tables used in food service today, which is clearly evident by its quality craftsmanship and all-wood construction. The table is now offered in the following standard models, with many other models available as well.

7.0 Edition - 84"L x 30"W x 33"H
6.0 Edition - 72"L x 30"W x 33"H
5.2 Edition - 62"L x 30"W x 33"H
3.0 Outdoor Edition - 36"L x 36"W x 33"H

In addition, we offer Standard-Plus models, Sports Models, and Beverage Models.

Each table is constructed with solid Pine or Ash tops, black PVC legs, and 4" locking casters with 500 lb. weight capacity, as well as other features. Our outdoor dining edition is crafted from plastic that is 100% recycled. Each table has guaranteed craftsmanship and goes through a multi-step process from design to construction, and finishing.

100's of hotels and restaurants can't be wrong

The tables require NO LINENS, NO TABLECLOTHS and NO SKIRTING of any kind, which in turn saves time and money on laundering and labor expenses throughout the life of the table. Clicking on the GREEN CIRCLE below will explain how the table can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over it lifetime. The new "socket" leg attachment design allows for fully loaded tables to be moved safely and securely.

Legs can be easily removed and stored underneath for flat storage, seen below. The tables provide added value and versatility with interchangeable leg heights; a feature exclusive to the Lion's Wood Mobile Table line.

Some of the many BENEFITS of the Lion's Wood Mobile Table include:
  • All-Wood Construction - Table tops are manufactured from Pine and Ash
  • Decrease Operating Costs - table does not require linens or tablecloths, eliminating energy and water expenses from laundering.
  • Stronger Design -Built with industrial grade components; heavy-duty locking casters with socket-leg attachment system makes the table virtually impossible to collapse and you will not need to constantly replace fragile folding tables.
  • Increase Mobility - Heavy-duty locking casters can withstand 500 lbs. of weight and roll more smoothly over irregular surfaces.
  • A Table for all Occasions! - Leg kits allow you to change the height of the table for any occasion in just minutes.
  • Extensive Accessories Line - Accessories allow for increased utility as the table can be configured as a portable bar, omelet station, or buffet station.