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Crown Moldings

As easy to install and affordable as they are, crown moldings bring tremendous beauty--even glamor--to homes, hotels, restaurants, and other spaces. Crown moldings and other classic moldings (like casing, trim, and chair-rail options) draw the eye where the designer or architect wants it to go. A dramatically high ceiling, a charming set of French doors, or even a spectacular view can be emphasized with the artful use of moldings.

Is it any wonder, then, that crown moldings are a favorite tool of interior decorators everywhere? Traditionalists use them to refurbish classic, even historic homes; mavericks use them to delight and surprise in modern spaces. Depending on the profile, material, and finish used, crown moldings can warm a room up or give it cool, commanding elegance. They can hide flaws or highlight virtues. When made correctly and used intelligently, there's almost nothing crown moldings can't do.

For nearly 100 years, designers, architects, and even savvy homeowners have turned to Bosley Mouldings for every type of molding. From crown to casing, baseboard to trim, Bosley Mouldings manufactures the sturdiest, loveliest, and largest selection of moldings you'll find anywhere.

Choose from hard wood, soft wood, or Super-Cut-Pop medium density fiberboard. Designers on a tight budget will appreciate Wraps by Bosley, Bosley Mouldings' affordable veneer moldings. A variety of materials is just the beginning; Bosley Mouldings boasts a huge variety of profiles and finishes, as well. You'll find 100 inventoried profiles at, not to mention thousands of custom-run profiles. Additionally, Bosley Mouldings is renowned for their custom-made profiles; with your imagination and their skill, who knows what you might create?

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