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Cove Mouldings

With their elegant, concave profiles, cove mouldings are so distinctive. Graceful, simple, and refined, cove mouldings are a perennial favorite with interior decorators, architects, and designers. You'll find many examples of cove mouldings from Bosley Mouldings. Bosley Mouldings, a premier design manufacturer since 1913, excels at making even the most complicated mouldings and trims.

Cove mouldings are a perfect choice for grand or refined spaces. For instance, stained wood cove mouldings would look ideal in a library. If your client is lucky enough to have a small, private library in his house, play up its charm with cove mouldings from Bosley Mouldings.

In addition to warm, intimate spaces like reading rooms and libraries, cove mouldings look terrific in impressive, grand spaces. A large, formal living room or dining room would look wonderful with ornate cove mouldings. Depending on the room's color scheme and decor, these wood mouldings could be stained or painted. White or ivory cove mouldings are especially popular.

Crown mouldings are often used to bridge the gap between a painted or wallpapered wall and a white or ivory ceiling. However, painted ceilings have become increasingly popular in the last few years. When both walls and ceilings are painted (usually with two different colors or two varied shades of the same basic hue), crown mouldings become even more important. If the walls of your dining room are painted teal and the ceiling is a pale, silvery blue, think how fabulous they'd look with white or brushed silver cove mouldings.

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