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Cabinet Mouldings

Built-in cabinets, bookshelves, and other types of casework are the ultimate in luxury. A room with built-in furnishings looks so sophisticated and sumptuous. Cabinet mouldings highlight the luxury and charm of built-in bookshelves, cabinets, sideboards, credenzas, and other storage spaces. A few ornate details, like custom-made valances, arches, or trim, turn well-made but unspectacular cabinetry into real showpieces.

Bosley Mouldings specializes in making casework and doors as well as mouldings. If you are creating new construction or doing a dramatic renovation, you'll want to consider Bosley Mouldings to provide your cabinets as well as your cabinet mouldings. They bring the same reputation for quality, durability, beauty, and affordability to their casework as they do to their architectural mouldings.

However, if your cabinets or other built-ins are already in place and you simply want to dress them up with some decorative cabinet mouldings, Bosley Mouldings can help you with that, too. During their 90-plus years in the business, Bosley Mouldings has created an enormous number of custom-run mouldings (about 4,500 at last count). Since they also carry nearly 100 inventoried profiles at all times, you'll have a great number of styles from which to choose.

If you don't find exactly the profile or embossing pattern you want, fear not: you can always ask Bosley Mouldings to custom-build it for you. Custom may be more affordable than you'd think. Whether you want to emboss your mantle with the family crest or create a cabinet moulding unlike anything anyone has seen before, Bosley Mouldings is up for the task.

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